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Course Owner Revenue Calculations:

  1. MasteryVault charges a flat rate commission on every course purchase transaction on the platform. This commission is 30% of the purchase price. So for every time a course is purchased, MasteryVault Charges 30% and the Course Owner earns 70% of the purchase transaction.
  2. Occasionally, MasteryVault runs promotions which offer courses at discounted prices. On such occasions, Course Owners may volunteer their courses to be included in such promotions and earnings are calculated based on the terms and agreements of each promotion. Course Owners will be obligated to consent to the terms and agreements of the promotion before they can participate in the promotion.
  3. When a Course Owner runs a promotion on a course that offers the course at a discounted price, earnings are calculated based on the base price that the course is offered.


Course Owner Payments:

  1. Instructor Payment Overview
  2. Course Owner Payment Methods 
    1. Direct Transfer
    2. How to set up Direct Bank Transfer
  3. Missing Payments

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