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What do you gain from selling courses online? 

  • Independent Product: Most traditional trainers, educators and instructors on zoom, whatsapp, telegram, etc face the demands of being an integral part of the training service that they provide such that their absence, for any reason at all, results in cancellation of the training event and potential loss of income. When you create an online course to sell on MasteryVault, what you get is an independent product that continues to sell even in your absence.
  • Passive Income: Once you create your course, it becomes an independent product that can be purchased whether you are actively engaging with it or not. This means that you will gain a course that continues to sell and generate income for you even when you are not actively engaging with the course. 
  • Recovered Time: Because most traditional trainers, educators and instructors face the problem of being an integral part of their training service, they cannot afford to be absent from training. When they are absent and cannot conduct training, they lose money. So to earn money, they must sacrifice time. This is not the case with MasteryVault. Because the online course you create on MasteryVault is an independent product, you don’t have to be present when you sell and earn money. This means you gain both time and money! Spend time with your family and earn money to spend while you are with them!

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Compare MasteryVault with other online learning platforms:

MasteryVault Others
Cost of launching a course Free Charge subscription fees
Is the website a marketplace? Yes No
Does the website advertise to students and learners? Yes No
Does the website expose your course to students and learners? Yes No
Do you get charged before you start making money? No Yes
Does the website provide Free Instructor tools to interact with students and learners? Yes Partially
Does the website require you to develop a web page for your course? No Yes
Is the website easy to use? Yes No
What the website promises vs what it delivers.


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