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Content That Violates MasteryVault Policy Which Can Get Instructors Account Suspended

  1. Content Displaying Illegal and Unethical Activities like
    • Stealing or plagiarizing someone else’s content go against our policy
    • Content related to fraud or use of illegal and Substance Abuse are prohibited
  2. Content Going Against Animal Right Are Prohibited – Display content going against animal right like
    • Using animals for experimental objects
    • Hunting animals
    • Destroying animal habitat
    • Hitting or kicking animals are not allowed on the platform
  3. Discriminatory Language or ideas
    • Discriminating language or ideas that can cause divide among the general public
      or promote racism, anti-Semitism, ethnic/tribal bigotry go against mastery vault
  4. Violence and Bodily Harm
    • Topics that promote or encourage violence and harms to the public or individual
      are prohibited.
    • Weapon instruction contents are prohibited because they are harmful to the general public
  5. Content Promoting Sexuality
    • Sexually oriented contents, Nudity, pornography go against our policy
  6. Misinformation and Misleading contents
    • Content that are not true or misleading to the general public are not allowed.
  7. Health Related Content
    • Health related content that are very sensitive and can cause harm in the public domain
      like surgery, using pills and supplements, giving drug prescriptions etc. are prohibited,
      only a licensed health practitioner in the field can be approved.