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Data Structure Using C Language

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Data structure is a specialized format for organizing, processing, and storing data. This course introduces and explains the concept of gathering and storing data. In addition, it explains how data structure can be implemented using C programming language. This course also explains the varieties of data types and how they can be linked to C language.


Everybody interested in learning C programming language.


  • What is the idea behind data structure?
  • How to link C programming language to data structure
  • Why Recursion cannot be ignored
  • How data structure has changed the means of viewing information
  • Understanding the difference between a linear data structure and heirarchical data structure.


It is used to print output
Can be used to enter values during implementation
Return 0 is used to be sure that each commands executes successfully
This is a type of specifier commonly used to identify an integer value and there are many more in module 1

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