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About the Course

An advanced CSS course touching on responsive web design technologies including:

  • flexbox
  • grid layout
  • media queries

And also an inclusion of SASS – Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet.



This course is built and structured to make reponsive concepts in easy to grasp.

You will learn to work with:

  • flexbox and its properties. Properties that affects the flex container and flex items.
  • grid layouts and so many special grid properties to create different layouts and designs.
  • media queries, breakpoints and working with different design approaches (mobile-first approach and desktop-first approach).
  • SASS technology, its different features that makes it an amazing tool to use for styling and also why you might prefer SASS over standard CSS. 


Who the course is for

The course is an advanced CSS course, so some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is highly recommended. The course focuses more on making designs responsive and so some other properties in CSS might not be totally explained.


Section 2 - Flexbox

Section 3 - Grid layout

section 5 - SASS Technology

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